Oakland Temple

Today we decided to go visit the Oakland Temple. It is a very beautiful, sort of ethnic looking temple. There are palm trees and flowers of all sorts, and the view from the temple is amazing, you can see all the way to San Fransisco and all around. Apparently, the temple is in our stake and about 5 wards meet at the chapel next to the temple. The kids loved to run around at the temple. And Evan was calling the water fountain-"the big, big splash."


Bad Bunny

Sadly, the bunny is going crazy! She eats everything: rubber, cloth, wood, everything except plastic and glass (thank heavens so many things are plastic :). She has scratched Eric pretty badly. And the nastiest thing of all, she thinks our beds are litter boxes! Actually, she goes in litter boxes pretty well, but then she discovered beds, ew! So we close all the doors when we let her out. However, finally, and worst of all she bit Evan, he has two big teeth marks on his leg. I also think she might be a boy :), she was too young to tell when we got her, but now I think I might see some boy parts, and I think she (or he) is spraying everything. Today, I built a sorta make shift cage for her in the garage and she is now demoted to the garage. What do I do? I think she needs a nice big cage, she needs to be fixed, but I don't want to spend money on her right now. I'm bummed. The kids will be so sad if we give her away, but it just might be the right thing to do. I haven't decided yet.



We finally named the Bunny Jamima. She is so fun to watch bounce around the room. I should video her. She has gotten a lot bigger. She is going to be a big rabbit.



We bought a bunny. I know it was spontaneous and the kids are probably still too young, but I have been wanting a pet for years. She is so cute. We are having trouble picking a name. We have thought of: Aiko, Jamima, Savannah, Luna, Orya... that's it for now. The favorite for everyone is, Aiko, but I don't think she looks like an Aiko (but I do like the name). Anyhow, she is a brown bunny with lots of white and black streaks in her fur. She is just small, but she will be a big, fat rabbit eventually.
I am worried about Emma's asthma, the bunny is okay, but she eats hay :( We will see what happens, if it is a problem-I will probably put the bunny outside.
Rabbits are useful, too, I can use her droppings for fertilizer, and if there was a long term emergency I guess we could breed rabbits to eat (Doesn't sound very good tho)
She can litter train, so I have been doing a lot of work trying to get her to go in a litter box. She does, but she is still a baby. When rabbits are full grown and fixed they litter train very quickly.


Fridge Adventure

Today, we cleaned all the food out of the fridge. I thought we had lots of food, but actually we hardly have any food :) There always seems to be a million dressings and toppings, then some fruits and veggies, and other misc. foods. There is also the pile of foods I don't think I really want to eat, but I feel bad throwing it away, so it stays in the fridge until I convince someone to eat it or it rots, in which case, I don't feel so bad throwing it away :) While I was looking Evan got his hands on a jar of homemade salsa (almost gone) and he threw it--glass shards and salsa all over the tile. Good thing it was almost gone. Of course, the kids sat in the fridge with their feet hanging out while I cleaned up the mess.I love my kids, mess and all!


Spices on the Loose

Today, I decided to tackle the giant paper pile. It is the biggest paper mess I've ever, ever had. I don't think I've gone through all my papers (and the junk that got mixed in) for at least a year! Isn't that awful. Well, moving in with my parents didn't help. Anyhow... so I'm going through papers and the kids are very quiet--Hmmm... what are they up to? I walk out to see and ... oh, wow, Emma had climbed onto the counter and was pouring all the spices all over the floor, counters, and in a monkey cookie jar! Wow, it smelled like pizza and mustard. Worse yet, they used a potty training potty as a stool and it was covered with spices. I picked it up to pour the spices that were on top into the sink, alas, the potty had been used recently :( and out came the pee with the spices. I was in shock. I cleaned up the whole mess. But now my spices are bit messed up, and some are completely gone. I will admit it was funny. And I got to test my spice skills playing what lid (which had the name on it) goes with which jar? Smell it, taste it, look at it. The only two I was really unsure of were Savory and Oregano... I hardly use those ones, so I guess we will be alright it they are switched :) I also didn't realize that parsley smells really awful, like rabbit food or cage lining! So that was my adventure for the day :)
I think I would like to try to blog again. I'm very lousy at it so far. But that doesn't mean I can't keep trying...